Holiday Home Staging Tips Make Sense

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Using Golds and Silver Are Beautiful!

by Amy Powers, Real Estate Staging Expert (

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Seller
Home staging in general is about marketing and merchandising a residential real estate listing.  This holiday buyers should not feel like a guest in your listing, they should feel at home! 
Here are a few tips to weather the holidays:
  • Starting at the front door, use a simple wreath, with a pop of color, preferably live clippings.
  • Use lighting that gives a warming glow to your rooms, removing bright white lighting.
  • Use candles throughout, natural lighting that offers natural warmth.
  • Instead of over-sized Christmas trees and holiday specific items, accent with silver and gold. These are neutral colors that everyone recognizes.
  • You can spray paint pine cones or magnolia leaves to create inexpensive and festive mantle displays.
  • OPEN HOUSE TIP: Does your listing have a banister?  Consider offering Holiday pics of the family  made at ‘their’ new home.


  • Play inspiring well-known music without words. This may help buyers feel like singing along and can add bounce to their steps.
  • Delightful music is a great way to connect with buyers. Music is a universal language that can make all types of buyers feel joyful in your home.
  • OPEN HOUSE TIP: If your listing has a large screen t.v. or movie theater room, play a popular seasonal movie like: Elf, It’s A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol.


  • Only natural aromatics! Available almost everywhere, use a natural essential oil in a diffuser. Many people suffer from allergic reactions to artificial and over-powering sprays.
  • Light scented candles in bathrooms. This is a space you surely want smelling fresh and new.
  • Spice up the air, place cinnamon brooms behind doors or in closets.
  • OPEN HOUSE TIP: Simmer cider with orange slices, cinnamon and cloves.


  • Yes! The sense of smell contributes to the sense of taste.
  • Have a basket out near the door so everyone can pick-up and go home with a candy cane or treat with your listings key details on it.
  • OPEN HOUSE TIP: Use seasonal foods and beverages that will add another point of emotional connection to your listing.  A positive association is very critical.


  • Add satiny and ultra-soft fabrics to table tops that tempt the buyer to reach-in and experience the atmosphere.
  • Use lush, thick and fluffy hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen to soften the cold, hard surfaces of room typically filled with tile, granite, and porcelain. (Preferably white linens – clean and crisp.)
  • Beautiful throws over beds, couches and chairs add warmth, pops of color and texture.
  • Accent pillows can also offer extra texture.
  • OPEN HOUSE TIP: Create sitting areas that offer layers of fabric and encourage potential buyers to invest time enjoying their future space.
Buyers need to sit, touch, and use all their SENSES when viewing properties.
Make your listings THE COMPETITION this Holiday Season, by being Prepared and Market Ready.

Warm Wishes of Joy and Blessings this Holiday Season!

Amy Powers

Amy Powers is the owner of Accent Home Staging, L.L.C. Amy is on the RESA Atlanta Board and is the Chapter's 2012 Technology & Marketing Chair.

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